An Alternative to ADHD Medication

Medications often are remarkably effective for adults with ADHD. Some of my patients have told me that taking appropriate medication has helped them get a job promotion or switch careers, improve their marriage, and make a positive impression on their professors.

But as effective as ADHD medications can be, they’re not a cure and will not make symptoms completely disappear. Fortunately, though, it’s possible to retrain your brain.

Studies have shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for ADHD can be effective in helping improve focus, attention, and organizational skills. By learning and practicing techniques specific for people with ADHD, lifelong patterns can be altered.

Some people learn these techniques in addition to taking medication, while others choose to forgo medications completely. In either case, the course of treatment is about 10 counseling sessions. A lot of emphasis is put on learning simple skills that can improve attention and practicing them daily so they eventually become a habit.

Patients are usually pleasantly surprised at how effective CBT can be for their ADHD.


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