Is there sex after a heart attack?

Yes, there is. And after a stent, angioplasty, and bypass surgery, too. But it’s not something you want to rush into right after leaving the hospital. To be safe, you should wait until your doctor gives the go-ahead before you have sex.

But even after they get the okay from their doctor, many people are fearful about resuming sex. Sometimes it’s the patient who’s afraid and sometimes it’s the partner. Common questions include: Is it too stressful for my heart? What if I get chest pain while having sex or afterward? Will my medications have any effect on my sex life?

Often the fear is so strong that it affects a couple’s sexual functioning and quality of life. Men may develop erectile dysfunction (ED) and women may have difficulty with desire, lubrication, or orgasm. Sometimes these problems are associated with anxiety or depression, which are more common among heart patients and sometimes their partners.

It’s best to get clear guidance from your health care provider about when you can resume sex and what to watch out for. You may find that you’ll need to make some changes depending on your diagnosis, procedure, or medication, in such things as positions.

If you find that resuming sex isn’t going smoothly, discuss it with your doctor. If your physician isn’t knowledgeable or doesn’t feel comfortable counseling about sex you might want to ask for a referral to a sexuality counselor or sex therapist. Counseling is generally short-term and practical.






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