Living Well with Illness

I am happy to announce a new approach to helping people with chronic illness achieve greater self-awareness and growth, with the aim of experiencing health within illness. It is called Living Well with Illness.

Using principles based on the work of Havi Carel, a professor of philosophy at University of Bristol, UK, Living Well with Illness workshops take participants through a three-step process to help give them a greater understanding of the role illness plays in important aspects of their lives. The three steps are:

  1. Telling their story to a supportive individual
  2. Reflecting on their lived experience and how their life deviates from societal expectations about people who have chronic illnesses
  3. Using artistic expression to begin to imagine changes that could foster resiliency

Workshop facilitators are:

  • Janet Greenhut, MD, MPH, CSC, preventive medicine physician
  • Ryan Hart, MA, philosophically trained cancer survivor
  • Idelle Hammond-Sass, artist and Open Studio Process facilitator

Workshops are being scheduled in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Check the website for more information:

As a clinician who has worked with the chronically ill for over 30 years … I would strongly urge people who are living with a chronic illness to consider participating in a Living Well with Illness workshop. These sessions are unique in that they offer a fresh, new look at the issues involved with chronic illness. Specifically, they are grounded in the belief (with solid theoretical backing) that it is possible to lead a happy and satisfying life, in spite of the ups and downs of the disease.

~Susan F. McDonald, ACSW