Sexuality Counseling

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I help people view their sexual lives with a new lens.

What is sexuality counseling?

Sexuality counseling is a frank and respectful conversation about an intimate topic. It takes place in a confidential setting, where privacy, comfort, and safety are of utmost concern.

What common problems are addressed?

  • Low desire
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Sexual problems associated with menopause
  • Sexual problems associated with medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease

I see individuals and couples.

How long does it take?

Some problems are resolved quickly with two or three sessions. More complex situations may take longer to address.

My professional qualifications:

  • Physician, board-certified in Preventive Medicine
  • Certified Sexuality Counselor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists